My name is Alex Truesdale.
Welcome to my corner of the Web.

I built this website as a project to better introduce myself to others and create a space to share my photos. A little about me... I am interested in:

  1. International business & technology
  2. Pastries & warm beverages from around the world
  3. Film photography and taking it easy
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Development, Business & An International Career

My interests have always lain someplace in the space between creativity and logic. When I was younger, I spent much of my time drawing intricate art pieces in a very meticulous manner, spending hours making, re-making, and re-re-making perfectly clean lines and angles.

When searching for a fulfilling careerpath, I've courted, alongside studies at business school, disciplines on either end of the spectrum: artist, data scientist, and digital marketing guy (of different flavours). With each exposure, professionally or at university, I've continued to move toward the center – where business meets technology, where creativity meets structure. Though I no longer make the drawings that I used to, I still like working with my hands and making beautiful things, which has led me to discover the wonders of programming. I have worked in both visual (front-end) and functional (data-processing / analysis) capacities with expertise gathered from self-teaching and professional working experience.

A career in business and tech, however, is just one component to an exciting life; I am also drawn to the challenges and learnings that come with getting out there – traveling and living amongst new cultures. Combining this with career ambitions, I have spent much of the last years living and working in Berlin, Germany and am now putting down more permanent roots.

Why Move to Germany?

At first, I chose Berlin somewhat at random. I originally moved here for an internship two-and-a-half years ago and have since bounced back and forth between Berlin and Boulder, Colorado. Over this time, I grew to feel more comfortable in Berlin, where I've developed meaningful relationships, a fondness for the unique city culture, and a feeling of home.

I finished my undergraduate studies in Colorado and decided to move back to this fabulous city with the intent to stay. Now, as a master's student in Wirtschaftsinformatik at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, I look forward to contining to work and study with colleagues from all over the world, laying the foundation for future ambitions in Germany and beyond.


Outside of professional life, film photography is a pleasant change of pace from the digital world. Unlike when working with code, the live-medium of film allows for a less rigid creative experience where errors in process or materials have the potential to produce interesting and unexpected results.