My name is Alex Truesdale.
Welcome to my corner of the Web.

I built this website as a project to better introduce myself to others and create a space to share my photos. A little about me... I am interested in:

  1. International business & technology
  2. Pastries & warm beverages from around the world
  3. Film photography (yes, one of those)
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Development, Business & An International Career

My interests in business systems and web applications have led me to furiously clattering upon my keyboard, sharpening front-end fundamentals and nurturing a budding interest in back-end architecture.

A career in cutting edge tech, however, is just one component to an exciting life; I am also drawn to the challenge and experience that comes with living abroad amongst a new culture. Combining this and career ambitions, I have spent much of the last year living and working in Berlin, Germany.

Why Move to Germany?

At first, I chose Berlin somewhat at random. However, following the expat tradition, I quickly developed a fondness for the city, making plans to settle more permanently. Seeking a broader worldview and international professional experience, life in Berlin has been rich and rewarding, working with colleagues from all over the world and laying the foundation for future ambitions abroad.


Outside of professional life, film photography is a pleasant change of pace from the digital world. Unlike when working with code, the live-medium of film allows for a less rigid creative experience where errors in process or materials have the potential to produce interesting and unexpected results.